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We’ve curated a comprehensive list of answers to questions our clients ask us.

From HOA law to mechanic’s liens to unfair competition. Whether you are ready to engage us or not, these answers will help you better understand your rights.

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A bedroom with white curtains and soft lighting
Can HOA Restrict How I Rent My Property?
With the advent of popular websites like Airbnb and VRBO, many homeowners have discovered a new source of income: short-term rentals...
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A modern container home located in the forest
Can HOA Restrict My ADU Construction?
Accessory Dwelling Units (“ADUs”, “mother-in-law suites,” or “granny units”) are additional living quarters on the same lot as a primary...
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A HOA board member being served a lawsuit
Can I Sue Individual HOA Board Members?
The short answer to this common questions is: Maybe.
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Solar panels installed on the roof within a community
Can My HOA Stop Me From Installing Solar Panels?
The California Legislature understands the importance of energy efficiency. That’s a big part of why it implemented the California...
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Homeowner Representation

Bad HOAs can lower your property value and ruin your life. Don’t let them. We know the ins and outs of the Davis-Stirling Act and we’ll protect your home and its value.

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Real Estate Litigation

Real estate is an enormous investment. Being on the bad end of a real estate deal can be devastating. But the right attorneys can make all the difference.

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Business Disputes

We’ll help you protect your biggest asset: Your Business. From preventing liability to active litigation, we’ll help you navigate the legal waters from one success to the next.

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Construction Defect

Construction is stressful. It’s even worse when your contractor or developer botches the job. Don’t do it alone. Let us help you fight your construction battle.

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Health Insurance Recovery

We believe in a simple, transparent approach. We're here to advocate for your rights, ensuring you receive the coverage you deserve.

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