Namson Pham, a California real estate and business attorney and partner of Lubin Pham + Caplin LLP.


  • J.D., Maurer School of Law at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • B.A., University of California at Davis, Davis, California

Bar Admissions

  • Washington, 2021
  • New York, 2014
  • California, 2014

Namson N. Pham


Being a good legal writer and researcher requires breadth and depth of knowledge. Every example, every analogy needs to connect with the real world. That’s what makes Mr. Pham an effective lawyer. He’s a Renaissance man. He fences. He free dives. He roasts his own coffee. He keeps bees. He forages gourmet edibles. He’s an avid rock climber. He dabbles in competitive BBQ as both a chef and a judge. He’s always learning something new. Each of those experiences helps him write excellent legal briefs that relate the law to the real world.

Mr. Pham’s love for learning unusual skills began early. He began attending selected college classes in the 6th grade, during which he developed a love for coffee and musical instruments. He attended undergraduate at UC Davis where despite double majoring, he graduated in just six quarters. There, he picked up fencing and foraging. He then attended law school at Indiana University on a scholarship where he was the managing editor of the Federal Communications Law Journal and Captain of the Indiana University Men’s Foil Team.​ While in Indiana, he cultivated his outdoorsmanship and parkour skills.

No matter where he practiced, Mr. Pham found himself the go-to person for difficult litigation problems, especially ones that seemed impossible. His knowledge of the nuances of arcane real estate law, his novel approach to solving litigation problems, and his ability to craft persuasive legal briefs make him an extremely effective attorney.

Eventually, Mr. Pham found kindred spirits in Mr. Lubin and Mr. Caplin. After countless discussions about novel approaches to litigation cases and debates about complex areas of law, the three became fast friends. That friendship eventually evolved into Lubin Pham + Caplin LLP.